Choosing a Wedding Photographer (a helpful guide)

Choosing a Wedding Photographer is a daunting prospect, there are a lot of us out there! So many options, so many prices - hey your Uncle Bob may even offer his services for free! Most people sensibly seek out a professional, someone with experience, good equipment, insurance, a track record etc.

I've tried here to break down this daunting process into three P's: Portfolio, Price & Person. Let's take them one by one with apologies for a few shameless plugs for my own Wedding Photography Services!

So let's start with Portfolio - you really must like, no sorry love your prospective photographers work. Look at their images, get a feel for their style. Whilst every wedding is different you should see some consistency. Can you imagine yourself in these pictures? Do they look natural? Does the bride look relaxed?

You'll find examples of my photography in the gallery above and in blogs for Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow, Duchray Castle in Aberfoyle, Duntreath Castle Glasgow, The Hub in Edinburgh, Altskeith House  Loch Ard, Luxury Lodges Loch Lomond, Knockderry Country House Hotel by Loch Long & The Balmoral in Edinburgh.

So you've found a photographer whose work you love and assuming they're available on your wedding day how much will they charge? I used to have just one price as I thought it was simpler, but people can want different things so my pricelist reflects discounts for mid-week weddings, smaller albums, disc only and less coverage on the day. Although my prices are very competitive I clearly cannot compete with the person doing it as a hobby or side-line. (Please let me know if you would like a price list).

So you've found a photographer whose work you love, with prices that are within your budget. Next it's the big one, the photographer themself. They'll be with you most of the biggest day of your life and you need to get on well with them. For their part they need to keep the day moving, they need to get the images you want without stealing you away for too long from your family and friends as well as most importantly making everyone feel relaxed, because most of us don't like having our photograph taken!

Preparation (it's another P!) is vital, Ahead of the wedding I spend time with the couple going over their plans, as well as visiting the venue(s) to meet with key people involved in the organisation of their wedding.

I love photographing weddings, capturing natural moments along with all of the lovely detail that has been painstakingly thought about and prepared by the couple. I work throughout Scotland and if you would like to check my availability and prices please e-mail or call me on 01360 661029.