10 Great Wedding Moments

Photographing weddings is an amazing job. You get to witness and capture some incredible moments, some funny, some sad, some just really emotional. There have been so many of these amazing moments across the years for me to photograph. I have picked 10 to share here with the stories behind them.

Bridal Prep

Bridal Prep, Strathblane

Bridal Prep, Strathblane

Whilst her bridesmaids were frantically making the last minute adjustments to her dress, the bride just turned and smiled. A lovely natural moment for me to capture, she told me that there wasn’t anything that she could do now, as she was totally in the hands of her friends and family. Luckily she was in good hands.

Here’s a good piece of advice for the brides. You’ll be well looked after by your bridesmaids, so make sure that you just relax and enjoy the getting ready part of your wedding day.

Bride & Groom Photography

Bride & Groom Photography, Crieff

Bride & Groom Photography, Crieff

I always look for locations that I can use for the short amount of time that I have the bride and groom for romantic photographs after their ceremony. In the planning conversations ahead of this wedding the couple told me of a special place that they would like to use. We went and looked at it in advance and then drove a short distance on the day to get this and a few other shots.

Extra care was taken though, especially by the bride in her wedding dress, as this is a very narrow bridge. The location is close to Crieff and the wedding venue was Glenturret Distillery.

Boys Will be Boys!

Wedding Photography, Loch Ard

Wedding Photography, Loch Ard

When I arrived to photograph a wedding at Altskeith House on Loch Ard the groom and his pals were going for an impromptu swim in the loch so I immediately grabbed my camera. The wedding photography for the day had officially begun!

Confetti Moment

Wedding Confetti

Wedding Confetti

Whilst the focus of the photography of the confetti moment is of course the bride and groom, usually with the wedding party behind them, I always keep my eyes open for additional shots. This is the groom’s daughter and her reaction was lovely.

More Wedding Moments

Another couple of moments captured from weddings that I have photographed. The first was on the roof of The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, to get the famous clock tower in the background. The groom decided that he wanted this picture, even though it involved climbing up a ladder in a kilt!

I think that the couple enjoyed the chance to escape from a room full of guests for 15 minutes to watch the sunset together. The next photograph is a great example from many amazing speeches. I love reactions like this!

The Ceremony

Wedding Photography, Rowardennan, Loch Lomond

Wedding Photography, Rowardennan, Loch Lomond

Of course there is the serious side to the wedding ceremony, but then that doesn’t mean that there can’t be laughter at appropriate times around the formal parts! This was from a wonderful wedding on the banks of Loch Lomond.

You’re Married


This was a very small wedding, at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. What the couple didn’t expect when they left the cathedral that it would stop the passing traffic in this busy part of Edinburgh. This was an unexpected but very warm welcome from tourists and locals, another beautiful wedding moment to photograph.



It’s cold in there!! A bit of spontaneous fun on the banks of Loch Lomond for this newly married couple.

Wedding Dancing


Once the newly married couple have taken to the floor and are joined by their friends and family for a night of dancing there are many opportunities to photograph fun moments from the guests.

There are just 10 amazing wedding moments, there are so many more examples that I could have shared.

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