Business Portraits


Natural Portraits

Here are some examples of portraits that I have taken for businesses, featuring owners and/or staff. The aim with all of them is to make them as natural looking as possible.

In this article I describe some of the methods and ideas for setting up these photographs. Hopefully they will be useful if you are looking to take photographs of your team. Of course I would be happy to organise a photography session for your business, if that is of interest please click the button below.


These top two photographs were part of a series for Glasgow based landscape gardening company Terra Firma. The brief was simple, to use the gardens that they have worked on for the backgrounds.

Here is a different location, a studio for TV and Radio presenter David Farrell.


Team Photography

Team groups require some planning, as you can see from the example below, taken at The Lighthouse in Glasgow the ladies all decided to wear black. We looked for a light bright location that had a contemporary feel.


Action Shots

There are a couple of good reasons for photographing the subject whilst doing whatever their occupation is. Firstly, the subject will often feel more relaxed doing wha they do, rather than worrying about having their photograph taken. Secondly they bring client websites to life.

If you would like to find out more about my portraits for your business please click the button below and make an enquiry, we can talk about locations and the style and feel that will represent your business.


Portrait Secrets

Location is everything, I am always looking out for beautiful natural light and interesting backgrounds. As you can see from the following examples these come in many different forms.

Once you find the location then it comes down to creativity of different angles and compositions.

Relaxed Portraits

Usually people are nervous about having their photograph taken, often they’ve reluctantly agreed to their boss to be photographed. Before I even switch on my camera my job is to help the subject to relax, as it is only then that we will be able to get an authentic look. Getting to know them is a start, but just as important is to talk through the style of photograph that they feel comfortable with being taken.

Portfolio Photographs

It’s a good idea to capture many different styles, looks and poses. This assignment was for radio presenter Adele Cunnningham. Here are some examples from a portfolio that I created for her. This allows her to select the most suitable image for each occasion.

As with any portrait it’s all about capturing the personality of the subject. Thanks for reading this article about portraits for business.


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