English Bay, Vancouver


Photographing English Bay

Here is another in my series of travel photography blogs, this time featuring a beautiful beach in Vancouver, Canada. If you’re visiting this fantastic city then plan a trip to English Bay, close to Stanley Park for sunset and don’t forget to take your camera!


Introducing English Bay

As you can see from the map above English Bay Beach is in downtown Vancouver, close to Stanley Park, a 1000-acre public park. Across from the beach is the Sylvia Hotel, an impressive ivy covered building that is over 100 years old. This is where I was staying when I captured this series of sunset photographs.

The area around English Bay Beach and Stanley Park is full of people cycling, rollerblading and sunbathing. There is a great atmosphere during a warm sunny summers day, with a diving platform for swimmers to enjoy.

At night there is an even more chilled vibe, as people come out to watch the sunset. Sometimes someone will bring a guitar. 

I’ll time my next visit carefully, as each year towards the end of July there are nights of major firework shows that light up English Bay. The Celebration of Light is hosted by firework specialists from a different country each night. 

English Bay Sunset

There’s a lot more to see (and photograph) close to English Bay Beach including Stanley Park, which is best explored by bike along the sea wall and Granville Island which can be reached by a short ferry trip. Further afield is Vancouver Island, with boat trips to see whales.

Vancouver is a combination of a downtown business area and a cosmopolitan west end with some excellent public parks and outdoor spaces, much of which is close to the ocean. When you’re on the beach you can look back and see the city with mountains in the distance.

Enjoy an excellent day visiting Stanley Park and the area around it, before rounding it off with hopefully a good sunset.



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