Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard

Sunset at Menemsha

Sunset at Menemsha

Here’s a photography blog, featuring one my favourite places for travel photography. This is about Menemsha on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in New England, USA. The main event is the nightly sunset as you can see from the photograph above. There is however much more to this village.


Introducing Menemsha

Menemsha is a small fishing village on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. The island was a favourite holiday home of two recent American presidents, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama. It’s other claim to fame was a location for the filming of the classic 1977 film Jaws.


Photographing Menemsha

This is very much a working fishing port, with a bustling harbour. This great to walk around to get some good documentary photographs. I like the way that the fishing community celebrates those island restaurants that buy their fish.  

Lobster Rolls

There are a few places to get food, you can take it onto the beach to eat. The most popular is the one serving freshly caught lobster rolls. This is incredibly popular during the summer and best pre-ordered.


Menemsha Shops

The village also has a few shops (not a chain to be seen), with some striking handmade signs for the shop fronts. They are worth making into a collage. 

Menemsha Sunsets

The beach fills for the main event, the nightly sunset. These sunsets are truly magnificent and are enjoyed by people eating lobster rolls, or fish and chips. 


Getting to Menemsha

Parking is quite tight here, with limited spaces. So, get here early, or better still take a bus. If you’re heading home by bus do make sure that you find out the time for the last one for the day. When I took these photographs, I just about made it back onto the last bus which left not long after the sun had disappeared below the horizon!


Getting to Martha’s Vineyard

From Boston it’s just over 70 miles and an hour and a quarter to get to Falmouth where the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard departs from. You can take your car but will need to pre-book it onto the ferry. 

The Peter Pan bus service connects Boston Airport and the city of Boston with the ferry port at Falmouth. Places do need to be pre-booked on that during the summer. You can park your car at Falmouth. 

On the island there is a good bus service and you can also hire bikes. Look out for some more photography blogs coming soon for Martha’s Vineyard.



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