Portrait Backgrounds

Focus On the Person

I’m always on the look out for unusual backgrounds for portraits. Whether for business profiles, or a family photography session, I love hunting out interesting backgrounds. This is to help make the subject, or subjects really stand out. So as you will see from the examples the background often is deliberately out of focus.


Ideal for Bad Weather

In the case of the photograph above the weather wasn’t good and there weren’t many good places for the photography. Therefore we needed a setting where we could hide both the sky and the surrounding environment, this dark hallway photographed through an open front door did the job.


Urban Portraits

I often get the best of both worlds. I am based in Loch Lomond, which is ideal for many picturesque locations. Despite this wonderful rural location I am still only half an hour from both Stirling and Glasgow, so I often get the chance to take some urban portraits.


When Luck Is On Your Side!

The photograph above was from an interesting setting. I couldn’t believe my luck that in this modern glass building there was a mirror, lots of lovely light and some autumn colours. That was a good day!

Below examples from another urban shoot and some walls with graffiti on them

Front Door

The front door of a house is often a great place to get photographs, particularly when there are steps up to the door. This allowed a father and daughter to relax together and let me photograph their interaction.


Hide a Dull Day

The picture above was part of a big session for a nursery in Glasgow. The weather was not good at all, with dull skies, which made life difficult as I had 20 kids to photograph. The best solution for me was to get some height and look down on the subject, using fallen leaves as the background.


Love Farms

There are always interesting backgrounds on farms. Especially when there is a tractor.


It’s all about the person

The setting and background has to bring out the best in the subject. Part of that is using a fun environment. Outdoor photographs are so much more enjoyable than studio ones. The sessions are fun and the results better.

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