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A slightly different blog one with for once more words than pictures (sorry!). The picture above though is one of my favourites, this is Claire, whose wedding I photographed at Glasgow Cathedral and Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. This was the moment that she saw her and husband Dougie's wedding album for the first time. Of course she'd seen the proofs and had approved the design, but you can't beat the moment when you see your album once beautifully printed - a book of your wedding day. 

What if you were to lose all of your photograph memories? 

The digital age is fantastic and I certainly don't want to go back to film or anything like that. However, I do worry that incredible photographs are getting lost all the time. Every day people take and receive photographs, they generally stay on the device that took them, a phone, or a camera's memory card. Over time digital files can easily get lost, maybe a device is upgraded, an SD card lost or similar. I know this as I often get calls from people in a panic asking if I know how to recover lost digital files.

Creating a family heirloom

Back to Claire and Dougie and their wedding album, what an investment. They've got kids now and it'll be something to show them in years to come, maybe  their kids will show their kids and so on! Beautiful albums are something to cherish. I heard a story that someone (not one of my customers) had grabbed their wedding album on their way out of their home which was on fire! By the way Graphi Studios in Italy where my albums are hand made always keep a master copy on file just in case of that, or something similar! 

This may sound like a sell for wedding or portrait albums and I guess it is. But more than that it's about ensuring you future proof against changing technologies and to protect the records of your cherished moments, whether they've been taken professionally or not. That means backing them up, putting them on a cloud, keeping multiple copies etc. Don't rely on just one format though. Big in the wedding industry just a few years ago was the supply of photographs on a DVD, although of course now you don't get many DVD drives on computers! 

Photographs look much better printed big, rather than on tiny screens!

But as well as the protection from the potential disaster of losing your special photographs, there's also a special case for printing your pictures and presenting them. Not just in an album, but on a big wall picture. Professionally taken photographs can be blown up without any loss of quality and will look amazing on a wall, or in an album. When you think about how much it costs to buy a generic print or picture for your wall, why not have something unique instead - a photograph.

Photographs can make you smile 

My final case for putting your favourite photographs in albums or displaying on a wall is an obvious one -  you get to see them. They hopefully will evoke happy memories and bring a smile to your face when you look at them each day. Good idea? 

So whether from your wedding, a professional portrait session, your holiday or just day to day life, it's just a little plea from me as a photographer to protect those digital files carefully and as well to do something more exciting than just sticking them on a computer drive!

Here are some examples from another of my couples wedding albums... 


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