Wedding Guests


No Brides Or Grooms!

Here’s something unusual, a wedding photography blog without a single photograph of a bride or groom! I wanted to show examples of the type of photography that you get of the people that you choose to share your wedding day with.

Loch Lomond & Glasgow Wedding Photographer

Everyone tells the bride that the day will pass in a flash and that is certainly true. My job as a wedding photographer is to ensure that I capture as many of those incredible moments that she will be part of and see. In addition I want to photograph the things that she may not see, including the fun and enjoyment that the invited guests have.


Who you choose to witness and celebrate your wedding with are themselves a very important part of the day. Many couples put a lot of thought into making sure that the guests have a good time. Therefore it’s important that I photograph them, as part of the genuine and authentic record of the wedding day.

I hope you enjoy looking at these photographs, if you are interested in any of my photography services please get in touch, using the enquiry form at the link below.


Paul Saunders is a Wedding Photographer, Family Portrait Photographer & Commercial Photographer, he also hosts Photography Training Courses. Based in Loch Lomond he works throughout Scotland. For more information please contact Paul on 01360 661029.

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