Altskeith House on Loch Ard

Wedding Photography at the beautiful Altskeith House on Loch Ard in the Trossachs. A stunning wedding venue in the heart of the National Park.

Wedding Photography, Altskeith House, Loch Ard

Wedding Photography, Altskeith House, Loch Ard

I often get asked to recommend wedding venues in Scotland. Altskeith House, Loch Ard is a stunning venue and one where it is very enjoyable to photograph a wedding at.

Hopefully the photograph above and the ones below will help to demonstrate my reasons for liking Altskeith House on Loch Ard so much. Although, it’s not just the beauty of the house and the stunning setting, it’s very much the owners, Alison and Yas, who make it so good as they work incredibly hard to make each wedding very special. They have a real talent for photography themselves and are very helpful to me as a photographer. 

Here's a map of the location of Altskeith House on Loch Ard. Visit their website -


I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of a few of the weddings that I have photographed at Altskeith House, Loch Ard. I've divided the photographs into some of the key parts of a wedding day.

Around Altskeith House

Here are some examples of photography, showing how different couples have added their own touch to the house. 

Bridal Preparations

Now some of my photography of brides preparing for their big day, but first let's see how one groom, along with his best man and ushers decided to prepare for the day. 

The Ceremony

Next onto the ceremony which weather permitting will be held in the wonderful grounds of Altskeith House, Loch Ard. 

Bride & Groom Portraits

Still in the grounds and we are spoilt for choice at Loch Ard for spectacular settings for portraits of the Bride & Groom, including out on Altskeith's House rowing boat on Loch Ard with Ben Lomond in the background.

Rowing on Loch Ard!

Rowing on Loch Ard!

Cake Cutting

Inside, or outside there are many good spots in Altskeith House for the cake cutting

First Dances

Dancing takes place in a beautiful room with panoramic views across to Ben Lomond. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photographs and can see why I love photographing weddings at Altskeith House, Loch Ard. If you are getting married at Altskeith House, or indeed anywhere in Scotland please get in touch to find out more about my wedding photography. 


Paul Saunders is a Wedding Photographer, Family Portrait Photographer & Commercial Photographer, he also runs regular Photography Training Courses. Based in Loch Lomond he works throughout Scotland. For more information please contact Paul on 01360 661029.

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