Wedding Photography at The Cruin, Loch Lomond


I often get asked to recommend wedding venues in Scotland. This blog is all about my Wedding Photography at The Cruin on Loch Lomond. It's one of my favourite venues here in Loch Lomond and hopefully the photographs will show you why I like it so much. 

Location, Location, Location

The Cruin can be found along the west side of Loch Lomond, just north of Balloch. It's on the A82 that runs alongside the loch, heading north. The Cruin has a wonderful location, with a backdrop of Loch Lomond and its largest island Inchmurrin. 


The Scenery

I photographed this beautiful sunset during a wedding at The Cruin, Loch Lomond. It's good to be at a venue where you get such an excellent view of Loch Lomond from the grounds. 


The Jetty 

The Jetty at The Cruin is an obvious essential for Wedding Photography.

The photograph above is from a pre-wedding photography session, ahead of the couples wedding at The Cruin, Loch Lomond

Getting Ready

Here are some photographs of the hour or two that lead up to the wedding ceremony. 

The Ceremony

Here's a ceremony at The Cruin, Loch Lomond. What a perfect setting, with Loch Lomond providing an incredible back drop to the wedding.

The Setting

So after the ceremony there are some wonderful opportunities for portraits, candids and group photographs, including that jetty!

The Venue

Now it's time for the reception with the meal, speeches, cake cutting and dancing. Here are some examples from weddings that I have photographed at The Cruin, Loch Lomond. 

Thank-you for reading this blog about The Cruin, Loch Lomond. I would strongly recommend it if you are looking for a loch-side wedding venue. If you would like me to photograph your wedding there, or anywhere else in Scotland please do get in touch. 


Paul Saunders is a Wedding Photographer, Family Portrait Photographer & Commercial Photographer, he also runs regular Photography Training Courses. Based in Loch Lomond he works throughout Scotland. For more information please contact Paul on 01360 661029.